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The vision and skills required to be a vigneron

An overhaul of the agricultural model over the vintages       

In our individual existence we are reminded every day that our time on earth is but fleeting. Domaine Luneau-Papin has been built on the work of generations and continues to evolve generation by generation and through the changing seasons.

This is the magic of our multidisciplinary profession as wine producers; devoting ourselves to sustainable agriculture, which will be practicised and consolidated over the passage of time, while at the same time protecting the plant heritage that will be an important resource for generations to come. All of these actions repeated year by year and through the generations are linked together like a great symphony orchestra with each musician in harmony with each other, while leaving each individual their own crucial space.

Viticulture is the art of continuity

While cultivating the Melon B vines that were planted by our grandparents we are always conscious of the importance of passing on our heritage in prime condition to our children and to the generations that will succeed them. When we retire the new generation will cherish this patrimony both in the vineyard and the winery,

maintaining the magical ability of our Muscadet Sèvre from our great terroirs to age magnificently.
Our L d’Or is a good illustration of how our wines age and develop over several decades. This is the magic of wine: tasting one that was made in a now long distant year and was sometimes the work of a previous generation.
This is the magic of wine: tasting one that was made in a now long distant year and was sometimes the work of a previous generation.

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Continuity within a wine producing company – the buildings, the equipment, the skills and know-how as well as the team of workers, both permanent and seasonable employees, who sometimes work with two generations of vignerons.
Continuity in the projects and dreams of the whole wine region. Wine producers know their terroirs, their grape variety and when they are ambitious and have well thought out plans they know how to work together and have the confidence to take their wines to a higher level.

Birth of the AOP Cru Communales

The birth of the communal appellations in the Nantes region is an example of working together collectively. Back in the 1990s a handful of producers stopped talking about a single style of Muscadet and instead focused on its wide range and diversity.
At Domaine Luneau-Papin the Les Noëles vineyard site, which was planted in 1936 will be set apart, picked by hand and then aged for 36 in the traditional underground vats (conctrete lined with glass tiles) to showcase the alchemy of a great vineyard site combined with the skills of an artisan winemaker.
We made our first Excelsior in 2001 and it has proved to be one of our most popular special wines listed on top restaurant wine lists, appreciated by discerning wine lovers and the specialist wine press.
We keep bottles of every vintage Excelsior made; a memory of another era and also a dream come true as the Crus Communales have now been approved by the INAO (The Institut national de l’origine et de la qualité).

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