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We are on Thursday, October 6th and I can finally tell you “That’s it ! The harvest 2014 is completely brought in and sings in tanks!”
As some already know, weather since August 30th was exceptional, a blue sky and a magnificicent sun (sometimes a little bit hot in the beginning of afternoon, but our bronzing is there only more beautiful!) until today when the temperatures a little fell and come along with a colony of clouds but no rain !
The bad weather of August persuaded us in a difficult and little quantitative harvest.The balance sheet is quite different; 20% of loss certainly, but magnificent juices in the balances as we love all. We harvested between 11.5° and 12° nature for acidities between 4.2 and 5 according to the different plots.
Even a plot of Folle Blanche titled 12.8° nature; something unheard of for 50 years!
This year, a troop of 60 pickers/porters was raised early and in a good mood on Monday, September 15th.
The big ballet of the picking opened on “Clos des Allées”, the “Les Pierres Blanches” then “Les Bernardières”, “La Tonnelle”, “Clos des Noëlles” (excelsior) and “La Pléscisière”, “La Butte de la Roche” (Terre de pierre) and a final in beauty in the plot of « La Claretière » (L d’Or).
Monique and I stepped over ranks one by one to verify the sorting, giving drink (water!) the vintagers who were well hot this year. As a result: 2 bearded mens, father and son, happy and pround of our work to all, in reception in the cellar of the selected grappes.
Juices enjoy magnificently, and, as by tasting in the ranks of vines, each already has his personality, his weft, and promises take shape.
The summer and autumn of the journalists also took place in the generosity and we are very touched by their words and comments of tastings of the 2012 and 2013. In here is a summary as attachment.
Each of you will discover, according to the orders, the new dressing of wines “Clos des Allées” and “La Grange” old vines (formerly “Domaine Pierre de la Grange”).
A new brochure and a web site are in reflexion. Everything will be visible at the end of the autumn.
We look forward to savouring with each of you the new vintage 2014.
In the meantime, carry you, drink well and savor the life in all simple and magic moments wich our children’s eyes know.




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