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Dear Friends and ambassadors of great terroirs of Melon and Folle Blanche,

Weather is magnificent and the cellar is fresh phew !
Last vintage 2012 conquered all the french and foreign wine tasters.
We just begin its marketing.

Pierre-Marie is with his team and his young trainee (!) in palisser in the plots of land and the jungle grows at sight of eye !
No damages meteo side here, the vineyard seems generous this year and, if the sky remains clement, we should all, you as us, be very happy of the quality of juices !

The delay of flower brings us for the moment to the end of September for the beginning of the ball of vintagers.
We shall say to it you more in the next few weeks.

As some already know, to have come in our vineyard or have exchanged together during the last tastings and fairs, 2013 is a turning point for us in the domain.
Pierre-Marie returned to the domain in 2005 and his in charge of the vineyard and cellar since 2007 and officialy the new director of Domaine Pierre Luneau-Papin this year.

I joined him in the adventure in October 2008 and these last years were for us two the beginning of a long learning, rich exchanges with the team, our friends wine growers, our suppliers and each of you.
We are lucky to have the opportunity and the big pride to learn with Pierre & Monique and each finds there and brings this bit extra (wisdom, youth, projects, patience, rigor) wich makes us rise of the good foot in the morning !

We start labour in 2008. “La Butte de la Roche” (“Terre de pierre” wine) was the first “student” (in the hoe on 4 hectares to warm up !)
This year, we begin officially a reconversion in organic farming of the domain.
It is a real challenge because of the oceanic climate and of our vines Melon and Folle that show themselves often”touchy” but it is especially, for us, the validation of our personal way of life.

You are our ambassadors in about twenty countries and we are happy, years after years, to share and to learn by your side.

Take care of you and live beautiful summer !




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