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Dear friends, dear ambassadors of great terroirs nantais,
Spring has truly arrived in our vineyard; flower is beautiful and its delicate smell enchants the one who passes nearby. The 2013 are joyfully welcomed by our customers and international press. Some bottle labels are being rejuvenated to prove, if necessary, that Muscadet is a wine that gives youth, energy and grace – even for sunny vintages; treasure of an oceanic climate and of our noble and great Melon de Bourgogne.
In 2005, Pierre-Marie was joining his parents on the domain after travelling in the vines of some French and Australian friends.
In 2007, he was taking the head of the cellar (under the advising and benevolent eye of his father).
In 2008, the parcel of “La Butte de la Roche” joins our terroirs, its soil gets prepared and at harvest time, i arrive in the adventure of the domain.

As you may already know, we have been step by step going towards organic agriculture since 2008. Today 70% of the domain is cultivated under these requirements and we give ourselves 3 years until the whole domain is converted.
This choice has to find an echo among our customers, importers, chiefs, cellar men, individual. The additional production cost sees itself passed on selling prices and it is a real partnership work that we do with each of you. But, being faithful to us, you need to be convinced and then of course convincing!
Time has passed by but it feels like all this was yesterday seeing how enriching learning is and how it seems that we could learn for several lives more! Our work is a treasure for who wishes to understand, know, discover the different faces of the soil he is rooted in.
From de-budding to ploughing, from blending to bottling, from pruning to harvest, from labels to brochures creation, from wine fairs to travels, from tastings around Nantes with our friends wine grovers to wine grovers from Italy, Germany, Sancerre, Chinon, Champagne (…) Wine and vine make us travel with our heart, our spirit and the holly pleasure of beautiful tables.
Men and women from all cultures and horizons share with us their tastes (as there is no unique governing and boring one!), their discoveries and their feelings. We grow up together like the plant of vine, inherited from our parents, our grandparents, like our children who make their first steps on the family ground.
This dance of generations and of knowledge lifts us high in the ballet of life and comforts us in doubtful moments (bad weather, wavering selling…) that our chosen path is the good one.
Thanks to each of you for your shinny faith in us.

Take care of you, enjoy each day of life and come back to see us, we will drink to the vintages that will see us all grow up!
Kind regards from Muscadet vineyard,
Pierre, Monique, Pierre-Marie & Marie Luneau



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