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Dear Friends and guests,

The big ballet of pickers started on last Monday, the 24th at 8 am and we propose you a small survey of this vintage 2012 before tasting, together, the future juices freshly taken pressed or this winter, after a few months on their Lies.

Cutting started on the beginning of November, In a wintry atmosphere the temperatures of which often flirted with the negative.
At the end of January the beginning of February, the frost, the snow (rather rare to us) consolidated the presence of heaters in pockets and fires of fireplace!

This period is a good occasion for waterfowl and ground-game cooking and to open and taste great wines of friends winegroovers from each countries !

The spring began early, too early according to “grandma Jeannette” (the mom of Monique and memory of our plots. Mars and in April exchanged then quickly the sun for the rain and the wind!
A gloomy weather which extended until July in the Nantes country.

The bloom was not thus able, this year, to offer all the grapes, perturbed by the rain in its work. At the end of July, the summer comes finally and shines then with one thousand lights!
In August is warm and since the temperatures and the blue sky do not weaken. The freshness is felt the morning since today but the sky remains beautiful and the clusters are delighted and too!

5 weeks before harvest are essential for a beautiful maturity and a wealth in sugar natures. We are there, in height inside and wait firmly!

We estimate at 12 °/12.5° nature minimum the future juices today and let us wait for a reduction in the acidities for several plots; what we call the optimal maturity.
On Monday, 35 cutters and 5 carriers was for the post and plunged their hands into our ranks of vine.

Conclusion: this year, we are going to make well but little! You can already plan to immobilize some bottles for the guarding but we shall harvest and will thus serve first and foremost our regular customers: you!

We wish you all in good ealth and wish clink glasses together to honnor this great vintage !
Pierre, Monique, Pierre-Marie & Marie Luneau




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