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Terre de pierre

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A.O.P Muscadet Sèvre & Maine
La Butte de la Roche

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100% Melon B


Village of Le Loroux-Bottereau. Vines planted in 1974.
Mother rock of peridotite (from the earth’s mantle) on a serpentinite mound.
The magmatic origins of this place bursting with history give vibrant energy to “La Butte de la Roche” where this plot is located. The red ochre earth of “La Butte de la Roche» is legendary in the Pays Nantais. The seigneuries once had their castle here on this, land full of stories into which our vines plunge their roots.


Spring soil preparation has been performed in a traditional manner (earthing down and hoeing) throughout the entire estate since 2009. We treat and take care of the vines with natural preparations (no chemical products) and sow cover crops such as pulses and cereals at the end of summer, with close attention to the needs of each crop. We stimulate soil life with one or two applications of horn dung; (preparation 500) in spring and apply a horn silica (preparation 501) after bloom and before harvest if necessary.
Vines are short cut pruned (single guyot) during winter. Vine density is 6,500 plants per hectare.
Careful sorting is carried out in the vineyard by grape harvesters.


Grapes are pressed in a pneumatic press, strength and length of pressing is adapted to each vintage.
Spontaneous fermentation using only natural yeasts. Fermentation and maturation on lees in underground glass lined vats for seven months, without racking until bottling in summer time 2020.


Serve at 12˚C
Langoustines à la plancha with seaweed alsa verde, Thai chicken sauté, sashimi and sushi.

More solar and sculpted by prominent acidity, Terre de pierre is made to age.
‘Guide Vert’ Revue des Vins de 2019 (2*)

Wide range of great wines, especially L’Or and Terre de pierre.

Lots of ripe fruit with a hint of quince and a slight smokiness, too. Very strong minerality on the palate with a  concentration of vibrant and fresh fruit.

It is difficult to choose between the fifteen wines produced by the couple Pierre-Marie and Marie Luneau. Our heart swung between the minty intensity of Excelsior Goulaine and the maritime freshness of La Grange, the exotic notes of Pueri Solis 2009, to finally opt for this Terre de Pierre. Both for the beauty of this plot planted on the Butte de la Roche, overlooking the Goulaine marsh, and for the ideal combination of vivacity and complexity offered by this wine.


750ml and 1500 ml Sommelière Loire bottle
6 or 12 bottle cases


ECOCERT organic agriculture certification
DEMETER biodynamic labelisation

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3, La Grange – 44 430 Le Landreau – FRANCE

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