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A.O.P Muscadet Sèvre & Maine
La Butte de la Roche- Le dôme

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100% Melon B


Village of Le Loroux-Bottereau. Vines planted in 1974. Mass selection (no clones). Bedrock of peridotite and altered serpentinite in a place called La Butte de la Roche. This legendary location rich with stories of past civilizations and conquests, and offers a breathtaking panorama over the vineyards of Nantes. The wine’s label is an artwork, created in association with the illustration designers of Atelier Bingo. It represents the plot’s unique biotope, as well as our work as authors.
*GULA (Latin for throat) ANA (Gaulish for marsh)


Muscadet Sèvre & Maine


The process of communal crus dates back to the late 1990s in the Muscadet area.
A handful of estates, including the Luneau-Papin estate, agree on the notion of terroir and its richness and diversity around Nantes. The project is launched. Long called Schistes de Goulaine, our cru is today called Goulaine, referring to the Goulaine river flowing into the Loire and common denominator of an area now registered by the INAO. The Goulaine landscape is characterized by a finely carved relief, with mounds converging towards the marshes. Located on the top of the hillsides, the vine plots offer an unobstructed view on the Goulaine marsh, a different one on each
season, depending on whether it is covered with water or exposed. The horizon is large and wide, showing remarkable elements of the surroundings and offering a unique feeling of wideness.


Spring soil preparation has been performed in a traditional manner (earthing down and hoeing) throughout the entire estate since 2009. We treat and take care of the vines with natural preparations (no chemical products) and sow cover crops such as pulses and cereals at the end of summer, with close attention to the needs of each crop. We stimulate soil life with one or two applications of horn dung; (preparation 500) in spring and apply a horn silica (preparation 501) after bloom and before harvest if necessary.
Vines are short cut pruned (single guyot) during winter. Vine density is 6,500 plants per hectare.
Careful sorting is carried out in the vineyard by grape harvesters.


Grapes are pressed in a pneumatic press, strength and length being adapted to each vintage.
Spontaneous fermentation using only indigenous yeasts. Vinification and maturation in Taransaud barrels (600L) and underground vats lined with glass tiles during 20 months without racking before bottling in winter 2019.


Serve at 12˚C
Crispy pike loaf, lobster and small vegetables, lobster shell jus. Casserole of Bresse chicken and blue lobster.

Gula-Ana 2016 will be adored for its exotic profile for the next fifteen years.
‘Guide Vert’ Revue des Vins de France 2019

Gula-Ana will amaze us in time by revealing its rich nuances: it makes you think of a beautiful Loire Chenin.
‘Guide Vert’ Revue des Vins de France 2020


750ml Sommelière Loire bottle.
6 or 12 bottle cases.


ECOCERT organic agriculture certification
Biodynamic certification in progress.

Phone: +33(0)2 40 06 45 27
3, La Grange – 44 430 Le Landreau – FRANCE

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