“Terre de Pierre” Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Melon de Bourgogne
“Butte de la Roche”. Vines planted in 1974
TERROIR Modified serpentinite.
Igneous rocks of more 500 million years old.
Place name “la Butte de la Roche” on Loroux-Bottereau village
CULTIVATION Traditional techniques(banking up and hoeing)
Debudding, deleafing and trimming excessive vine growth.
Picked by hand and sorted in the vineyard(discarding grapes of unsufficient quality).
Grapes from vines facing the sunrise picked on 18th September, while those facing the sunset were picked on 30th September by 30 pickers and 6 hod carriers.
Organic certified by ECOCERT
VINIFICATION Pressed in a pneumatic press. Cold clarification of grapes juice, wich is then moved by gravity to underground vats lined with glass tiles. These vats are very typical of the Nates region. Only indegenous yeasts used for the alcoholic fermentation.
The wine is enriched and matured by spending 17 months on its lees.
BOTTLING Once fermentation has finished, the lees was not racked before being bottled November 2017
TESTING / SERVING Everything that is done in the vineyard (tilling the soil, picking by hand) and the cellar is designed to produce a top-quality wine that reflects the unique terroir and character of the Serpentinite.
The pure minerality of this wine is a true expression of its terroir.
Serve it on 12°
PACKAGING Sommelar Loire’s bottle.6 or 12 bottle cases of export