“Excelsior cru communal Goulaine” Muscadet Sèvre & Maine sur Lie

GRAPE VARIETY 100% Melon de Bourgogne
Old vines of 80 years old
Massale selection (no clones used)
TERROIR Parcel of vines in the village of la Chapelle-Heulin on a bedrock of micaschist, facing due south
Place name “la Plécisière”
CULTIVATION Only organic fertilisers used cultivation methods and treatments designed to keep the vineyard healthy and for the grapes to ripen properly. Debudding, deleafing, trimming excessive vine growth and green harvest necessary
Picked by hand and sorted in the vineyard-discarding grapes of insufficient quality. Yields of 30 hl/ha
Organic certification in progress
VINIFICATION Pressed in pneumatic press. Juice transferred by gravity to small underground vats, wich are lined with glass tiles and are very typical of the Nantes region. Cold clarification of grape juice-no chaptalisation (addition of sugar). Temperature controlled alcoholic fermentation for several weeks at 20° using indigenous yeasts.
36 months on its lees, wich are regularly stirred.
MATURATION Before every bottling, the quality of this Cru is test and certified by a panel of experts.
24 months on its lies
TESTING / SERVING Everything that is done in the vineyard and the cellar is designed to produce a top quality wine that reflects this wonderfull schisteous terroir and emphasises the full range of wine’s aromas. This is achieved by maturing the wine on its lees, wich are frequently stirred. All technical manipulation of the wine is banned. This is a pure expression of terroir-no cold maceration, no skin contact, no barrel aging… To appreciate Excelsior at its best this Grand Cru Muscadet, like white Burgundy, should be decanted.
PACKAGING 6 or 12 bottles in export cases