So, for our wonderful « L » d’Or, from vines planted on granite and gneiss, it is possible to have a fabulous vertical from 1976 to the present day. « L » d’Or is our domaine’s flagship; it is served in the best restaurants around the world whose their sommeliers love matching this wine with food according to the characteristics of each vintage.

In 2001 we started our marvellous Goulaine Cru Comunal adventure with « Excelsior ». The wine comes from a parcel of vines – Clos des Noëlles, planted in 1945 by our great grandfather, Joseph Bonneau. Excelsior develops over 36 months on its fine lees in underground vats. The 2010 is rich, spicy and very long, the 2007 a little less rich while the 2004 is minty and soft.

La Butte de la Roche is an exceptional site in the Pays Nantais. 2008 saw our first vintage from this rocky vineyard, where one slope faces the rising sun and the other setting sun. Every year grapes from these two parcels combine beautifully together to make a great wine.

Cru Communal Goulaine “Gula-Ana” was born on the top of the « Butte de la Roche ». *Gula-Ana, mix of Gallic and Latin words, GULA  meaning throat, gully in Latin and ANA being  a marsh in Gallic. The global meaning of the name is thus “overflow of the marsh”.

In spring 2018 meeting Atelier Bingo triggered the second part of this story. Adèle and Maxime have a walk in the vineyard and a tasting of the wine. They will then create the label of Gula-Ana, an artistic transcription of this magical place.

In September 2016, the grapes hand-picked on this summit are isolated for a maturation in subterranean vats and in wooden tanks (Taransaud). The wine grows up on its lees during a whole year and is bottled in summer 2018. A lively juice on an exotique frame, translation of a warm vintage with small yields.

The « Clos des Allées » is the closest parcel to our winery and the birthplace of the Luneau family. It is redolent with history: a 2.30- hectare plot enclosed by paths. At the end of the 18th century it was the border for three Seigneuries (noble estates) and is the origin of the village of Landreau. The Cassini maps listed 75 owners at the time. The « Clos des Allées » was planted in 1970. The vine roots go deep into alternating strata of schist from the Armorican Massif and smooth river-borne stones.

« Les Pierres Blanches » belongs to the Papin family, vignerons in the commune of Chapelle-Heulin. A superb terroir of gneiss, its qualities were recognised by Monique’s grandfather, Joseph Papin. This Clos has been harvested and vinified separately since the last century.

« La Grange » Vieilles vignes is a real classic: a Muscadet from a number of small parcels of schist around Le Landreau. Undisputedly great value!

« Pueri Solis » (child of the sun) is a top-quality wine, which we first made in 2005 – a great, sunny if atypical vintage. Pueri Solis celebrates the return of Pierre-Marie to the family estate. « Pueri Solis » spent 42 months maturing on its fine lees before bottling. We only make Pueri Solis in exceptional vintages. We made it again in 2009, which spent 32 months maturing on its lees. This wine will surprise you, challenge your perception of Muscadet. It delights top sommeliers.

The idea behind « Froggy Wine » is a little bit mad. We wanted to make a wine that challenged the sometimes elitist way wine producers, sommeliers and journalists are viewed. Of course wine can be great and inspirational. But wine has always been for sharing, for friendship and for immediate pleasure. « Froggy » is pure fruit – a wine to share with friends from breakfast to the end of the evening. It comes from Les Grenouilles, our vineyard in the Marais de Goulaine. Drink the latest vintage, this is a wine to enjoy without moderation!

Today there are no less than nine cru wines in our range.

Our « Folle Blanche » tells the history of the Gros Plant du Pays Nantais sur Lie, which is always such a great match with shellfish.

Here are the technical details for each of the wines ›››