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“Ladies tour” in Russia by Luding

The Russian youth puts its papillae in vines and soils of the old world!?

When our Russian distributor Luding organizes one “Ladies tour of the wine” that gives a full evening tasting where numerous domains are present then one after-party version length and pair of shorts drink.
A great moment!

Bravo to them to be ambassadors of our […]

Many thanks Corentin Imbert Le Magazine des vins de Loire

Thanks to Corentin and his jolly fellow of visits them in the domain. 
It was this winter and in spite of the weather report, the atmosphere was rather warm.
The life is beautiful and rich in meetings.
The Loire is a river which cultivates the diversity, the accessibility and the goodto live.
A luxury of which we would not […]

Chief Gérard Ryngel passed away last Friday.

All our thoughts are for Cécile, his wife, his partner in their Villa Mon Rêve, and to his son Jean-Michel, who spent many years by their side in the family restaurant.

And then… Our thoughts follow the river of life and come back in our minds memories of this great […]

Loire Valley Fair 2018

We have just splitted up on LATITUDE LOIRE’s shared booth… Your eyes, your taste buds are still seeing and tasting stars!


And you wish to learn some more!
What did you taste again? There were quite a few wines..!
We ware going to resume all this pojnt by point if you please. ?
Once upon a time, in the […]

2018 will be generous and luminous !

La vie est faite d’une multitude de bonheurs. Le ciel est clair puis le ciel est sombre mais notre métier continue d’exister grâce à chacun de vous.

Life is made of a multitude of joyful moments. Sky is blue, and the moment after it is dark, but our work is going on and still exists thanks […]

Flower Power

Small walk the wind in the face yesterday…
The plot of land of Plécisière offers its fantastic and fine spring flavor perfume.
Plunge your nose there and the magic operates!
Close it Noêlles the 80-year-old stocks of which on 2 Ha give birth to our Cru Communal Goulaine Excelsior.
I continue the stroll…

Dégustons gaiement chez les Larvoir !

Many thanks to Sandrine Goeyvaerts !


Many thanks to Loire en Scène!

Loire en Scène Paris, we’ll be there!

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